Main Types of Deer Tree Stands

One of the ways you can make hunting easier is to engage in the activity while on top of a tree. There are a number of ways that tress stands can take your hunting skills to the next level. To begin, the stands reduce your scent on the ground. Apart from this, they enable you to have a great view of the hunting terrain. Finally, tree stands like summit treestands will keep you out of the deer's line of sight.

There are different types of deer stands you may prefer to use. The stands have various benefits, depending on how they have been built. The most common deer tree stands are ladder tree stands, climbing tree stands and lock on stands. To determine the right stand for you, it's important to think of your hunt.

Below is an overview of the main deer tree stands.
Ladder Tree Stands
This is the most basic and common deer stand you can choose. Here, a ladder is fastened to a tree using straps and braces. The stand may have various features, such as a room for tow, seat, rifle rest and so on. These stands are usually heavier, bigger and tasking to move than climbing stands. However, there are various back package models available for those who move a lot when hunting.

Climbing Tree Stands
These stands usually consist of a two-piece tree stand that has an upper platform, which has rifle rest and seat and a lower platform. The lower platform is also known as "foot" or "leg". You can use the stand to easily climb a tree.

Climbing tree stands are quite mobile and do not require you to be in excellent physical condition to get on the tree. If you plan to go hunting in public or other areas where leaving tree stands attached to trees is prohibited, you should get climbing tree stands.

Lock-on Tree Stands
These tree stands are also referred to as hang-on stands. The stands usually have one piece with a rifle rest and a set. Straps are used to attached the lock-on tree stands to trees. To climb and hang the stand, you will have to attach "climbing sticks" to the tree. The sticks are usually bars that have a foothold at the end. These climbing stick have to be mounted vertically on the tree to give you space to climb.

The above are the three main types of deer stands.

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